President Obama and Mitt Romney continue to battle on the economy, with Romney recently saying: “I think this election is a watershed election, which will determine the relationship between citizen and enterprise and government.” Romney should be thrilled with this, as the economy is a winning argument for his campaign.

If you’re not aware of the shale natural gas boom, it’s huge right now. Some projections say it will create 1.5M new jobs by 2035 and generate $1.5T in tax and royalty revenue.

The Senate continues to support crony capitalism subsidies in the agriculture industry, leading one economist to call it the ‘U.S. Sugar Cartel‘. This had bipartisan support. Republicans and Democrats in the House also continue to support corporate welfare. In the end, most politicians are self-interested politicians and put themselves first and self-interested politicians have learned that it is much easier to get votes and campaign contributions when they pay (call it subsidize, grant, welfare, loans, whatever you will) people and companies.

Finally, don’t forget to vote today in the VP Championship.