In the latest phase of the never-ending saga of Attorney General Eric Holder, the House Oversight Committee is set to vote on whether to hold him in Contempt for Congress. It’s the fourth such vote in the last quarter century.

Though at this point, a solid majority of the nation has contempt for Congress, so Holder really doesn’t stand alone on that charge.

In what can only be described as a crushing blow to Barack Obama’s reelection hopes, Amber Lee Ettinger has declared that she will not endorse the President as she did in 2008.

What’s that you say? Who is Amber Lee Ettinger? How could you so quickly forget the famous “Obama Girl?”

And finally, what may be the first “Joe the Plumber” or “There is no Soviet Domination in Eastern Europe” moment of the general election campaign, the President’s “the private sector is doing fine” gaffe is being piled on by Mitt Romney and other Republicans.