Time Magazine’s Mark Halperin writes that for the first time, Democrats think there is a chance that Barack Obama can lose.

Another article from The Daily Beast/Newsweek goes into a little more detail about why the Dems are starting to get a little “jittery” about the President’s reelection campaign.

Meanwhile, on the Veep front, Kelly Ayotte continues to have a very visible presence as a Romney proxy, giving her some further creedance as a potential pick. Ditto with Scott Walker, who has become a star in the GOP after his win in an recall attempt in Wisconsin.

And finally, the last vestiges of the Ron Paul campaign seem to be fading away, as the candidate acknowledged in an email to supporters that he will not have enough delegates to overcome Mitt Romney. Combine this with the news that Senator Rand Paul has endorsed Romney, and we can effective close the book on the 2012 Republican primary season.