If you live in New York City, you already deal with federal, state, and city income tax. You experience mass congestion and random road closures for parades and public events. It is unlikely that you own a car because parking is so scarce that a high-end spot is now available for a cool million dollars. Now regulators in the city that never sleeps are attacking “gender-based price discrimination“, specifically going after salons. Apparently the regulators have decided a man’s hair cut that often takes 30 minutes or less should cost the same as a woman’s hair cut, which often takes much longer (and in my personal experience of waiting, much, much, much longer). Additionally, Mayor Michael Bloomberg has also decided that sugary drinks are the cause of all obesity problems so he plans to ban any sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces.

Finally, in what might be the most uncomfortable social call of the year, President Barack Obama will host former President George W. Bush at the White House today for the unveiling of his official portrait.