According to the savvy political observers, President Obama will dump Joe Biden in favor of Hillary Clinton. On the surface it seems a plausible strategy. Biden has all the flair of the Ford Pinto: pointless, ignorable, and prone to explode at inopportune times. He’s a gaffe-a-minute sideshow who provides the Obama administration with all the style of a leisure suit. Hillary is the name brand; the erstwhile queen in waiting who could breathe life into a lackluster campaign.

If you’ll recall, we heard similar speculation in 2004 concerning the Bush-Cheney ticket. It was all swirl eight years ago, just media-generated spin intended to create news where none existed. Likely as not, the “Dump Biden” theory is also spin. The probability of Hillary joining the Obama ticket can be assayed with a few simple questions. Is a change practical? Will it help the campaign? Would Hillary accept the position?

It sounds cliché, but when horses were the primary source of transportation it was considered imprudent to change mounts in midstream. If a change was necessary it was made before entering the river. Had Biden been removed from the ticket early in the race it might have been workable. Not now. Effective campaigns must present confidence. To shake-up the ticket at this point would undermine confidence. In fact, with the Republican challenger all but announced, a change on the Obama ticket would convey desperation.

The Vice President serves little purpose other than to make the presidential candidate look good. As long as Biden remains Biden, the “teleprompter President” can maintain his image as a comparatively great orator, a reasoned voice amid Biden’s nuttiness. Therefore, from a strategic viewpoint, dumping Biden seems both senseless and impractical.

Adding Hillary to the ticket might solidify Obama’s image with feminist voters, but few others. Ms. Clinton is only slightly right of Obama if not his equal. Let’s not waste time recounting Hillary’s youthful activism and questionable acquaintances. Most everyone has some embarrassing associations they can claim to have disavowed. Besides, we needn’t revert to the Woodstock era to uncover Clinton’s ideology. As First Lady, Ms. Clinton was a driving force for nationalized healthcare. She’s an open proponent of wealth redistribution, especially when the raided coffers belong to the hated “Big Oil.” Therefore, to say Hillary Clinton would moderate the Obama ticket is utter nonsense.

I’m not sold on this “Hillary is the world’s smartest woman” bit, but she’s no fool. The last thing she needs is to be linked to the scandal and ineptitude common to presidential second terms. There’ll be no Democrat incumbent in the 2016 election. So, although Clinton will be 69 by then, she’ll have the inside track to the nomination if she chooses to run. Being linked to a four-year disaster will sully her image and ruin her electability.

The obvious drawbacks of an Obama-Clinton ticket outweigh the perceived benefits. So, will she or won’t she? She won’t; not for all of the socialism in Western Europe.