Mitt Romney backs school vouchers, goes after teachers’ unions, and intends on using different federally-driven programs in his education proposals.

Only 40% of voters in 12 key swing states think favorably of Vice President Joe Biden. Could President Obama even consider replacing him at this stage of the campaign? If the President did make such a bold move, who would be the best candidates? (Additionally, don’t forget to vote for the Republican VP selection today, where Paul Ryan has recently pulled ahead of Marco Rubio.)

Eurozone leaders are trying to figure out what to do with Greece. The small country’s economy is dragging on the EU, but is it actually reasonable for Greece to exit the currency? There is nothing that would back a new national currency, only piles of debt. If Greece does exit the Euro by their doing or the other members of the EU, do not be surprised by hyperinflation following within one year.

Governor Scott Walker appears set to prevail in his recall election, and has saved Wisconsin more than $1 billion, leading Politico to wonder if he is now a ‘GOP hero’. If Walker does indeed win and becomes the face of fighting back against public service unions and Wisconsin also goes for Romney, does it put Scott Walker in future presidential conversations?

Finally, Roger Simon writes: ‘Businessman make lousy presidents’ based on a small amount of qualitative data, including a baseline of “our best modern presidents” defined as: Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry Truman.