Tuesday open thread


Filed Under Open Thread on May 15 

Another primary Tuesday that matters little in the biggest race of them all. Idaho, Nebraska and Oregon all get their chance to award votes and delegates to the presumptive nominee.

Also today, Politico asks is Romney is ready for the Bain battle. Team Obama is out with their first big hit and Romney has responded with an ad of their own.

Politico also reports on Ron Paul’s tacit message to the GOP that he won’t cause trouble in Tampa. (Paul might want to send that message to his troops. In Idaho, they’re threatening to go “scorched earth.”)

Like to dive into data? Go beyond the headlines in the new NYT/CBS poll.

Most important political nugget trending? Probably rap mogul J-Jay reaffirming that he’s got Obama’s back. Whew! How could Obama have won reelection with the support of the man who wrote and performed this eloquent hit?