Senator Richard Lugar was soundly defeated by Tea Party-back rival Richard Mourdock in the Indiana Republican primary yesterday, ending Lugar’s 36 year career in Washington.

The cunning creativity of the Obama fundraising machine is on full display with the “Mothers Day Shout Out” program:

Whether or not your mom’s on Twitter, here’s something guaranteed to make her smile on Sunday: getting a personal shout-out from President Obama.

From now until Thursday at midnight, you have a chance to win that for your mom or a special mother in your life — just get five or more donations to your grassroots fundraising page to automatically put yourself in the running.

That’s right: If your name is drawn, the President will send your mom a special Mother’s Day tweet from @BarackObama. With more than 15 million people following him on Twitter, she’ll be honored in front of a pretty wide audience.

Soon there will be donation contests for Fathers Day, where you and dad can hit the golf links with the President, and Fourth of July, where you help Obama pick what fireworks get shot off over the Potomac.

The best is saved for Arbor Day, where if you win, you get to plant a tree in the President’s honor in the Rose Garden.