ABC NEWS: President Obama Affirms His Support for Same Sex Marriage

This might not be a popular position on PD, but I’m going to praise the president for this one. Bear with me a minute…

I don’t support gay marriage and I think the president’s position is wrong. However, he’s making a courageous stand with huge political risks. It would have been much easier and politically expedient to dance around this another six months and then come out guns blazing on the issue if he won reelection. This is exactly what many of us thought he was up to.

You might not agree with the president, but this took some political pancakes. He’ll obviously endear himself to the base and win back some wanderers, but he’ll lose many independents.

Make no mistake, I don’t support the position, but I do support politicians taking tough stands on principle, even if I disagree with the specific issue.

If he supports higher taxes, he should say so. And he has.

If he supports abortion rights, he should say so. And he has.

If he supports gay marriage, he should say so. And now he finally has.