Round two was a tale of two match-ups – nail biters and blow outs. Each of the four brackets had one or the other. Two upsets also highlight what has been a mostly chalk tournament so far:

In the Governor bracket, one seed Bob McDonnell cruised past Indiana Governor 70 to 30. Chris Christie scored a bombastic upset of two seed Nikki Haley, beating the southern governor 53 to 47.

In the Senator bracket, top seed Rob Portman struggled mightily against conservative Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey, but managed to hold on to a closer than expected 53-47 match. Florida’s Marco Rubio faced a dangerous internet juggernaut in Rand Paul, but his mystical web powers are apparently not as strong as his fathers, as Rubio steamrolled Paul by a 60 to 40 margin.

In the Former Candidate bracket, the closest match of the second round saw Tim Pawlenty barely escaping a late charge by his fellow Minnesotan Michele Bachmann. In the tightest score of the entire tourny, T-Paw gets by with a 51-49 win. The polar opposite was seen in the bracket’s other match, as three seed Mike Huckabee obliterated Rick Santorum in a 78-22 pounding. That’s going to leave a mark.

And finally in the Game Changer bracket, Paul Ryan exploded to an early lead and never looked back, sending former Secretary of State Condi Rice packing by a 73-27 margin. And then General David Petraeus survived a late match charge from Mike Pence led by Pence-a-holic Alania, to squeak by with a 52-48.

This sets the PD Veep Madness Elite Eight matches, with all four one seeds facing two number two seeds and two number three seeds. No Cinderella (or Sarah Palin?) in this tournament!