Tuesday open thread


Filed Under Open Thread on May 8 

Another slate of states hit the polls today. Seems like yesterday some argued the race for the GOP nomination would go until June, and perhaps to the convention. Instead, voters and the media can focus on other results.

One of the most interesting races is in Wisconsin, where Big Labor may have to settle on their second choice to run against the governor they want to recall.

Also today, barring a colossal turn of the numbers, Senator Lugar of Indiana will see his long senate career end with a whimper. It’s a big win for the Tea Party, but could Lugar have avoided this day?

You might also catch this RCP piece. The writer says Romney’s path to 270 might not be as narrow as you think.

Finally, the man they call Axe (David Axelrod) is spinning Biden’s recent trip down the slippery slope of gay marriage. What’s your take? Will issues like this play any significant role in November?