The polls are closed, the contests decided and with over 1500 votes cast, round one of the 2012 PD Veep Madness is in the books!

In general, things went as expected in the first round, as all of the one and two seeds advanced with relative ease. There were five first round “upsets,” but four of them happened the be in the match up between the four and five seeds, which makes me wonder if the selection committee had a selective case of dyslexia.

Here is a bracket-by-bracket recap of the first round:

In the Governor’s bracket, one seed Bob McDonnell had his hands full with a very game Bobby Jindal, who made some noise early, but folded after a poorly received half time speech. McDonnell pulled away to earn a closer than expected 64-36 win.

Two seed Nikki Haley spun the poor Bush brand into a comfortable 68-32 win over Jeb Bush. Jeb obviously has the resume, but the Bush name has not completely recovered its luster.

Bombastic New Jersey Gov Chris Christie just overwhelmed the not-ready-for-prime-time Brian Sandoval, cruising to a 73-27 win over the Governor of Nevada.

Finally, Indiana’s Mitch Daniels channeled Gene Hackman from Hoosiers by telling relative newcomer Susana Martinez of New Mexico “welcome to Indiana politics,” and pulled an upset with the closest contest in the first round. Daniels won 56 to 44.

In the “Former Candidate” bracket, Tim Pawlenty used his 2008 Veep vetting experience to beat Herman Cain, who appeared to be distracted by the cheerleaders. Pawlenty posted a 28 point win.

Rick Santorum used the momentum left from his recently ended Presidential campaign, along with the $1.28 left in his campaign war chest, to topple the last real winner of GOP Veep Madness, Sarah Palin by a reasonably close 61-39 margin.

In the second biggest blowout of the first round, Mike Huckabee utterly annihilated Jon Huntsman, who once again proved that its tough to win support from Republican voters who simply don’t believe you are a Republican. The final was 82 to 18.

And finally, Newt Gingrich has filled out a miserable spring by getting upset by Michele Bachman, a former candidate who went from Ames Straw poll winner and Iowa favorite to dead last among candidates who actually campaigned in the caucus. Bachmann sailed to a 73 to 27 victory.

In the “Senator bracket,” heavily favored Buckeye Rob Portman gave the strongest performance of any one seed, besting John Thune 67 to 33.

Marco Rubio, feeling the sting of a first seed snub, took it out on a hapless Jim DeMint, and crushed the Palmetto State Tea Partier with the largest margin of victory in the tournament, 88 to 12.

In the biggest upset of round one, Rand Paul once again proved the internet voting acumen of the Paulites, trouncing Jon Kyl 78-22. Paul faces the powerhouse Marco Rubio in the second round, but has already sent his people to convince the PD editors to declare him the winner, even if he loses the popular vote.

Finally, in what I believe is the biggest of the four/five match upsets, Pennsylvania’s Pat Toomey toppled the strongly regarded Kelly Ayotte, 59 to 41.

And lastly in the “Game Changer” bracket, one seed Paul Ryan easily overcame the Sarah Palin-supported Allan West, a potentially tough first round opponent, by a 65-35 score.

Popular military man and CIA head David Petraeus “surged” to a victory over California business exec and former Cali gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman.

In the three/six match-up, a “fired” up Donald Trump saw his strategy of asking for opponent Mike Pence’s birth certificate blow up in his comb over, and was crushed by the Indiana Congressman, 80 to 20.

And in our last first round contest, former Secretary of State Condi Rice sent the last “great facial hair hope” home, besting the mustachioed former U.N. ambassador John Bolton home with a 59-41 defeat. Somewhere the Charles Curtis Fan Club is conducting a champagne toast to the fact that he will remain the last Veep to have facial hair while in office.

The Veep Madness only gets zanier from here, with the second round contest due to be posted at 4 pm EST. Some intriguing match-ups include the “holy war” between Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee, the Minnesota Mano-a-mano between Tim Pawlenty and Michele Bachmann, internet upstart Rand Paul against the formidable Marco Rubio, and finally, Chris “The Immovable Object” Christie against Nikki “The Irresistible Force” Haley.

Tune in at 4 p.m. east coast time for round two of Veep Madness!