Economic growth is down again in the US, only 33% of Americans view the federal government favorably, and 20% of Americans self-identify as liberal. Are these facts related?

Meanwhile, the Secret Service “incident” in Colombia appears to not be an isolated event as Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano had previously stated. Investigations now find related pursuits within the Secret Service (giving its name an entirely new meaning) going back to early in the Clinton administration (maybe he wasn’t so bad, by comparison).

John Stossel pointed out in a Wall Street Journal article the TSA’s higher cost and significantly lower performance rate when compared to the private screeners at San Francisco International Airport. TSA Administrator John Pistole responded in the WSJ with a “revised” version of the study Stossel had cited, which led to Stossel firing back, pointing to further issues with the “study” used by the TSA.

Finally, don’t forget to help Mitt Romney select a running mate by voting in the Vice Presidential Championship today.