As speculation of who Mitt Romney will select as his running mate is rampant, Romney has fueled the fire by campaigning with Marco Rubio this week. Rubio is also scheduled to give a major speech on foreign policy today, leading to more talk about him in tryout mode for the VP spot. Meanwhile, there are five primaries today with over 220 delegates at stake. Despite his campaign being over for weeks, Newt Gingrich has been trying to save face by working Delaware hard. Politico calls it Gingrich “hoping to become the Christine O’Donnell of the 2012 race.”

On the policy front, Social Security will run out of funding by 2033, three years earlier than previous projections and the Social Security disability fund will run out by 2016 as the recipients of this program have doubled over the past 10 years.. However, this is not due to the 2% tax holiday from the Obama administration, as funds are being transferred from the general fund to make up for the deficit. Rather, it is due to fewer people working and higher benefits paid out as more people have joined the Social Security roles, likely due to the state of the economy.