Apparently Nicolas Sarkozy is considered “conservative” and disgruntled with him, France appears poised to elect a Socialist. Newt Gingrich, who everyone knows cannot win the Republican nomination, is still campaigning and likely spending over $38,000 (that’s the 2008 number) per day of tax payer money for a secret service detail that he requested. Apparently some parents prefer to transfer their parenting responsibility (e.g. “No, you can’t play on my phone.” and “No, I won’t give you the iTunes store password.”) to Apple, as they are suing because iPhone/iPad games are “addictive” and can cost money. Regarding Barack Obama’s frequent golf play, Mitt Romney tells the President “suck it up” and stop playing so much when the economy is hurting. Finally, as required by law, the House Committee on Financial Services has published the Dodd-Frank Burden Tracker and found that: “TOTAL BURDEN HOURS FOR 185 RULES: 19,443,045 initially and then 24,035,801 hours annually. 5,320 pages of regulation.”