As Wednesday dawns, the Republican primary race has been put to bed, with the suspension of Rick Santorum’s campaign yesterday.

While regular PD readers will know that I was never a fan of the former senator of my home state, I will begrudgingly give credit to Santorum for the hard work he put in leading up to the Iowa caucuses, which set the table for his run as the candidate who came the closest to toppling the money-fueled Mitt Romney machine. I firmly do not believe Santorum would make a strong VP candidate, but it certainly would behoove Romney to be magnanimous to Rick, if only as an attempt to sure up his standing with social conservatives.

Equally so, Santorum should work long and hard to support a Mitt Romney general election campaign, as a way to keep his name in the news and to set the groundwork for a possible 2016 run.

Finally, checking in with our old amigo, New Gingrich, it seems that his money and organizational woes still plague what’s degenerated into a three ring circus of a campaign. His $500 check to cover the fee for his inclusion on the ballot in the Utah primary bounced higher than a super ball on the moon.

I, for one, hope Newt stays in the race until the convention as he promises, so that I have something funny to blog about.