Tuesday open thread


Filed Under Open Thread on Apr 3 

The NCAA Tournament is finally complete with Kentucky beating Kansas to cut down the nets. That means the PD Challenge is also complete, with user “callen212” using the multiple bracket strategy to claim victory. One bracket had Kansas, one had Kentucky. Way to hedge your bets!

In less important news, Wisconsin heads to the polls today and Romney appears set to claim a 5-10 point victory, based on recent polls.

What will this mean for the race? Four things: The delegate gap will continue to grow for Romney, Santorum will continue to blame negative ads and money, Paul will claim he’s still amassing delegates with invisible ink, and Gingrich will promise to change everyone’s mind in Tampa.

Also trending, Pelosi has joined the choir calling for Hillary to run again in 2016 and the GSA chief has resigned after spending big bucks on a Vegas conference featuring a mind reader and clown. Was Harry Reid not available?