Tuesday open thread


Filed Under Open Thread on Mar 20 

Take the stage, Illinois. It’s your turn to impact the GOP 2012 race. Romney’s lead in the polls ranges from 6 to 15 points and Politico gives us 5 things to watch as the polls close tonight.

Politico also reports on Gingrich’s twin campaigns. It’s a spot-on look inside the state of Newt.

Also of interest, Stephen Hayes of the Weekly Standard has a piece on the odds of a brokered convention. You can count this junkie in for a road trip to Tampa if the dream becomes a reality.

Finally, Santorum said yesterday that he doesn’t care about the unemployment rate. Romney zinged him almost immediately and Santorum’s camp complained that Romney was taking the comment out of context. Isn’t that a curious position when Santorum hit Romney repeatedly for telling CNN he didn’t care about poor people? Do these gaffes really matter in the long run?