Interesting video presentation by Dinesh D’Souza, the well-known author and academic. He goes into detail in his new movie/documentary that we know very little about Obama as an individual, his personal background, his actual schooling history, his relationships, etc.

May be factual, may not be.

One thing is certain: No amount of personal doubt and “dirt” thrown on Obama will have even the slightest negative effect on Obama in this election. If anything, attacks and questions about his personal background will redound strongly to the president’s favor. Very strongly.

The liberal media and Obama’s operatives will quickly cast any questions about his background as a personal—even racial—attack on Obama and the questioner will be diminished to the point of irrelevance (or worse).

The casually-inattentive voters—that swing middle 15-20% who always decide elections—will be led to feel “sorry” for Obama by the liberal MSM. This is a losing strategy, a losing approach for the Republicans, regardless of its degree of verity.

The time to vet Obama was in ’07-’08. The time has passed. He was and will forever remain unvetted.

There is more than enough substance of a more conventional, persuadable nature on which to base an anti-incumbent Presidential campaign. Energy, taxes, jobs, regulations, the deficit, wasteful spending, and on and on give the eventual Republican nominee a treasure trove of opportunities that would resonate strongly–if presented properly!–with that aforementioned swing group.

To gin up the sympathy vote in Obama’s favor is a sure loser, whether the upcoming movie is true or not.

Oh BTW, the most interesting point, to me, of this video occurs from 13:00-13:25. If you don’t watch anything else, watch those 25 seconds.