With primaries in Missouri, Puerto Rico and Illinois coming in the next five days, the candidates continue to spin past results. Missouri will be an interesting case, as Santorum won the February 7 beauty contest, but since it didn’t mean anything, none of the other candidates paid much attention to it. This time around, it counts. Meanwhile, everyone is left to wonder what Newt Gingrich’s true motivation is, as most pundits agree he has a significant disdain for Mitt Romney, yet most analysts also agree that Gingrich staying in the race benefits Romney more than the other candidates.

Some other interesting news tidbits, a California college is moving to a price discrimination model, charging more for more popular classes. Will this last, especially in California and is this a positive or negative or education customers? Speaking of customers, when companies lose their focus on how to best serve them, they usually begin to fall apart and lose their best talent, a great example is Greg Smith, sticking to his principles and leaving Goldman Sachs in a blaze of glory.

Finally, you only have until 12:15 pm EST to complete your bracket for the PD challenge.