To say it was an interesting Tuesday is an understatement. Polling data was pointing to at least one Mitt Romney win in the twin southern Gulf races held in Mississippi and Alabama, but it instead gave Rick Santorum his turn with the football called momentum, with a sweep of the two critical races of the day.

Romney can’t be happy with his two third place finishes, even if he was topped by New Gingrich for second place in both states by paper thin margins. Romney did win Hawaii, but once again failed to land a knockout blow to Rick Santorum.

What is crystal clear now is that this is a two-man race between Romney and Santorum, and that Newt Gingrich will face an enormous amount of pressure to withdraw.

Ron Paul did not fair well in the south, and managed a distant third place finish in Hawaii over Gingrich, but the good doctor is unlikely to pull out of this race any time soon.

The next big one comes in Illinois, which should be an interesting place to test Santorum’s strength in Middle America.