Depending on tonight’s results in Alabama and Mississippi, history books could call this the most important day of the 2012 race. If Romney pulls an upset in both states, it’s game over. What case could Santorum and Gingrich make to continue? Regardless the allocation of delegates, Romney winning two of the most conservative states should be the nail in the coffin.

But what if he wins just one? Is that enough to answer critics? What if he wins neither and Santorum and Gingrich pull a split? And what if Lazarus Gingrich wins both? Is it resurrection number four for Newt?

Also today, a new poll show 80% of us think we’re not better off than we were four years ago. But Harry Reid, expert pollster, says the poll is meaningless. If he hates that poll, just imagine what he thinks of the one giving Congress a 10% approval rating.