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Mitt’s campaign has had more rapid ups and downs than a Shake Weight commercial. He won the majority of the states and popular vote on Super Tuesday and he won the most competitive race in Ohio. His reward? A chorus of “He can’t win” from candidates who win less often.

Santorum Rick

Rick has another chance to slow Romney’s inevitability argument in the next slate of races: Kansas, Alabama and Mississippi. He probably needs to win all three to make his case and the latest polling in Alabama shows a very tight, neck and neck (or v-neck and sweater vest) race.

Gingrich Newt

Newt won Georgia, as expected, but did poorly in Tennessee and Oklahoma. In related news, Gingrich recently fell asleep on camera at the AIPAC Conference. It’s only fair, he’s been putting viewers to sleep with his election night speeches for months.



Ron is leaking oil — badly. He’s trailing the delegate race, he has the least number of popular votes, and his campaign-affiliated Super PAC is looking to scale back funding. The good news is that he’s won the same number of states as Pawlenty, Huntsman, Cain, Perry and Bachmann — combined.