Liberal media bias is a very subtle thing. Sometimes it’s not even intentional; it’s just an assumptive way of thinking, a way that the Left automatically colors their world. The latest example, in the wake of the Super Tuesday primary results, is quite illuminating. Apparently, the liberal media approaches accuracy with the attitude, “If no one notices, then we can get away with it.”

In their desperate, almost hysterical attempt to denigrate Mitt Romney (the likely GOP nominee and thought to be the toughest Obama opponent in November), NBC has resorted to spinning tales of being in a tough preliminary fight with Gingrich and Santorum as evidence of Romney’s weakness.

When objective political observers point out that the ’08 Dem prelim season was a bruising affair that came down to Hillary, Obama, and Edwards, then just Hillary and Obama, the reporters at NBC say this to legitimize the Dem ’08 contest as being positive for the Democrats, while using the ’12 GOP prelims to cast all the GOP-ers in a negative light:

It was one thing for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to duke it out in ’08, trading victories and splitting up the delegates; it was a clash of political titans. But it’s another thing for Romney — the always-assumed GOP front-runner — to be unable to pull away from Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich.

A “clash of political titans.”

Let that one sit for a while. Let it sink in. Yes, Chuck Todd actually said that.

Just how “titantic” a political figure was Barack Obama in 2008? How long had he been in the Senate? Was it his first term? Did he in fact spend a huge portion of his first term just running for President? Hillary was criticized for allowing the low-standing junior senator to battle her on even terms, and then her defeat was regarded as something akin to the 1980 US Olympic Hockey Team (Obama) beating the heavily-favored “inevitable” Russians (Clinton).

What landmark, Republic-changing legislation did the distinguished Senator Obama introduce and shepherd into law during his long and storied Senate career of, oh, those many months?

In fact, Barack Obama was pretty much the Paris Hilton of politicians–he was reasonably famous for merely being Barack Obama, and nothing more. No accomplishments. No signature legislation. No years-long, well-publicized fights for heart-felt causes. He was modestly-known to some at the time of his announcement for being an attractive, eloquent black politician. Nothing more. (Please do not imbue that statement with negative or nefarious racial implications. It’s intended simply as a political observation.)

That’s a “political titan”?

But NBC uses his standing now to retro-cast his reputation then and attempt to legitimize why a tough Dem prelim race was good for the Dems in ’08 but a similarly tough GOP prelim race in ’12 just proves how weak all the GOP candidates are.

And they do it so smoothly, so seamlessly. You have to really pay attention to catch it.