Yes, I got the fart joke out of the way in the title. If you live in some kind of void outside of time and space, you might not be aware that Donald Trump has a penchant for the dramatic and overblown. If you want to anger a disciple of Ayn Rand, just point to Donald Trump and ask if he represents her ideal of the wealthy master race with actions such as the following:

Not long after anointing Mitt Romney with his endorsement, Trump decided it was time to do some un-endorsing as well. His target: Scotland. Now, I’ve seen Braveheart and Rob Roy, so I know how messing with the Scottish usually ends up. Trump seems to have missed those films, because he has decided to blackmail the Scots, threatening not to build a golf course and resort there if they go through with plans to use offshore turbines for power generation.

But his campaign isn’t about making his coastal golf course more appealing – Trump insists it’s actually about “saving Scotland” and its environment.” You know what? Don’t worry about commenting if you believe that one. Instead, go ahead and email me – I own a certain bridge in London and I’m looking to sell.