Before the Affordable Care Act (ACA) became law its critics warned of undesirable consequences hidden within the monstrous and confusing bill. Naysayers then, they’ve become prophets. ObamaCare forces every health plan provider to include free coverage for contraceptive and abortive services.

But there’s a catch. Religious organizations also provide healthcare coverage to their employees. Since ObamaCare offers no religious exemption, church affiliates are required to provide services that conflict with ecclesiastical doctrines. The outcry was immediate, as organizations and charities across the religious spectrum vowed resistance on the grounds that a contraception mandate violates First Amendment freedoms. Therefore, King Obama is compelled to reform his decree, at least in part. He’ll order the insurers behind the religious entities to provide free contraception instead.

Didn’t the wise King Obama foresee this vehement opposition? You bet he did!

The church is falling for the old bait and switch. Obama picked a fight with the church community over religious freedoms. When the church fought back Obama deftly switched tactics and focused his dictatorial efforts on insurance companies, which have been his main targets from the outset.

The White House knew the firestorm that would result from forcing church-affiliated organizations to pay for their employee’s condoms, birth control pills, and abortifacients. But the administration also believes it can weather the storm, appear fair for crafting a compromise, and then target the private sector with relative impunity.

Divide and conquer is an effective tactic, one that goes hand-in-hand with the bait and switch. Obama’s edict upon the religious community inspired fear, panic, and anger among the faithful. Bishops and cardinals, ministers and evangelists, priests and rabbis all pledged to defend their religious liberties no matter the cost. They took the bait. As Obama switches the burden to private insurers the religious community appears to be off the hook. The church, according to King Obama’s reasoning, will lose their zeal for opposing ObamaCare’s tyrannies once it’s exempt from the contraception mandate.

The religious community and the commercial insurers should remain united toward repealing ObamaCare’s birth control mandate, in fact the ACA in its entirety. But Obama’s stratagem — politically astute but morally repugnant — will eventually divide opponents with common grievances into separate camps. When the church’s government imposed duty to fund abortion and contraception is gone, its interest in defending liberty will also wane. Private insurers must then stand alone.

Who’ll cry foul when “evil” insurers are subject to Obama’s dictatorial edicts? The public will empathize with the loss of religious liberties much easier than with the loss of economic liberties, although both are diminished when one is compromised. 

King Obama used the contraception mandate to bait a vehement reaction from the church, planning all the while to switch his target to the private sector. Once the diversion is complete and the opposition is divided, the private sector will be open to immediate conquest. Subjugating the church can wait for another day.