With the enervated economy now seemingly headed stutteringly in the right direction—finally, despite the Administration’s clumsy over-regulation of business and finance and their imposition of so many confidence-eroding social-engineering measures—it would seem that Obama’s biggest impediment to reelection has been neutralized to a major degree.

It’s surprising, then, that has he committed damaging unforced errors in the areas of foreign policy/national security and domestic policy (the Catholic contraception/insurance issue) in recent days.

One can only blindly guess as to the impetus behind the Administration’s latest foreign policy misstep. As NBC so proudly trumpets,

Israel teams with terror group to kill Iran’s nuclear scientists, U.S. officials tell NBC News

What is going on here? Apparently, Israel has teamed with an Iranian group that 33 years ago was anti-U.S, but broke with the mullahs in 1980 and is now anti-Iranian. This group, called The People’s Mujahedin of Iran, has killed seven Iranian nuclear scientists since 2007 (under Israel’s direction and guidance, one presumes) and has inflicted untold damage and delay on Iran’s frantic efforts to become a nuclear-armed factor in the Middle East.

But why tell us this? Why do Obama Administration officials seem so eager to tell NBC News that Israel has teamed with a former Iranian terror group to assassinate several Iranian nuclear scientists?

There are several possible intermediary reasons. Let’s explore each one. While they’re all plausible, some are likely dead-on.

1. The Obama Administration is looking to embarrass Israel on the world stage.

This one probably has a grain of truth to it. It’s no secret that Israeli-American relations have been strained during the Obama years. Netanyahu and Obama obviously don’t mesh well on a personal level, and the Administration has taken a consistent, publicly-critical “It’s mostly Israel’s fault, so they have to move the farthest” position with regard to the Mid-East peace process. Having what they feel must be a “gotcha” moment on Israel, Obama is exploiting it in order to justify their (the Obama Administration’s) critical stance on Israel and to push Israel into making further concessions for the sake of peace as the Obama Administration thinks “peace” should be achieved.

2. The Administration is outraged over the assassinations

It’s possible that on some level, the Administration wants to show the world that the U.S. is outraged (“Shocked….shocked!”) over actions that it considers to be in clear violation of international law. As a matter of long-term policy, the U.S. does not condone the assassination of Heads of State, and the Iranian scientists could very broadly be thought of as falling into that category.

3. The U.S. is trying to curry favorable world opinion by taking the moral “high road”

This one likely has more validity than some people are willing to admit. By publicly condemning these actions, the Obama Administration is probably attempting to demonstrate its fairness and correctness in dealing with all countries in the world, not just those widely-known to be our close friends and allies. By publicly criticizing Israel’s actions, we’re demonstrating to Iran in solid, tangible, unequivocal terms that we can be fair, that we deserve their trust, that our two nations can cooperate with mutual respect towards a worthy goal, for the world’s benefit. In your heart, you know there’s some truth to this one.

What of NBC’s decision to run with this story? Did the bigger picture ever occur to them? Is there a bigger picture to them? Or is NBC News now so far Left that it functions simply as a direct conduit through which the Obama Administration can get out any message it wants?

Much of this controversy hinges on the concept of Absolute Values vs. Relative Values. To the Absolute side, the idea of good and evil is concrete. There is a definite good and a definite evil. To use the over-used cliché of Hitler, most would agree that that is an example of Absolute evil.

To Relativists, everything is, well, relative. As Reuters News said after 9/11, “One man’s terrorists are another man’s freedom fighters.” They refused to call the 19 highjackers and OBL terrorists.

Certainly there is gray area in between those extremes. But is there so much gray that black and white don’t exist at all?

Another question that NBC News and the Administration don’t answer is, “Who benefits from this revelation?” The public disclosure of Israel’s actions likely puts an end to the assassinations, at least by that method, for the foreseeable future. Who, exactly, benefits from this story? What greater good does it serve? Does derailing and delaying Iran’s nuclear ambitions benefit the world or not? Does a nuclear-armed Iran benefit the world or not? Is there an absolute good to be served here or not? Were those notions taken into consideration before the Administration willingly released this information and NBC News willingly reported it?

Probably not. The Obama Administration and their liberal MSM ally NBC News appear to have focused only on the small picture, for what will amount to a petty gain at most and a potentially huge opportunity loss, in the absolute sense.

Nobody can like that.