CPAC Update


Filed Under General on Feb 10 

CPAC is my favorite time of the year…. Even more so than Christmas. And yes, I know that makes me a geek, but I embrace it. Last year I left thinking that I was going to run for Congress. This year, I’m just depressed.

The ACU (American Conservative Union who puts on CPAC annually) paraded true Conservative after true Conservative in front of us yesterday and this morning. We heard from the likes of Marco Rubio, Jim DeMint, Rand Paul, Bob McDonnell and Paul Ryan. It left us all thinking “What if”.

Most people seem to be somewhat set on their chosen horse, but there is a distinct lack of enthusiasm and dedication. Had any of the guys listed above jumped into the race, I think we would have a nominee at this point. A brokered convention has been the talk of the conference and attendees are debating who they would choose, most of which are non-candidates. It’s sad that we’re spending our time wishing for someone better rather than rallying around our chosen nominee.

Yesterday I had some conversations with a couple of people from Colorado. Personally, I thought Romney was a shoe in for that state so I asked them what the overall feeling was on Tuesday while they were voting. The feedback, in two separate instances, was that they felt slighted by Romney. They worked hard for him in 2008 and then dropped out 2 weeks later. I thought that was an interesting take on Romney’s loss.

One difference from previous years is the distinct lack of Ron Paul supporters. He isn’t speaking this weekend, which partially explains it, but I thought they would at least show up to hand out the dozens of flyers and pamphlets that they usually have. It will be interesting to see the results of the straw poll.

Speaking of supporters, Rick Santorum’s people have been out in force since Wednesday handing out stickers and pamphlets and selling sweater vests. There have been few sightings of Newt supporters and, up until about 10:00 today, Romney supporters.

Here are some of my thoughts from a few of the speeches to date.

DeMint was great. He spent the majority of the time speaking about the importance of electing Conservatives to all offices, not just the White House. He will be spending the next 9 months trying to elect Conservatives to the Senate.

Rubio left everyone in the room feeling the they were sitting before a future President and was the crowd favorite.

Mitch McConnell and John Boehner gave generic speeches about how difficult it is to get anything done in Congress. I was particularly disappointed with Boehner. He gave an unbelievable speech here two years ago about the things he would do as Speaker. I don’t recall the entire list, but I have been quite underwhelmed with his performance over the past year.

I skipped Bachmann… I had enough of her during the debates.

Perry spent quite a bit of time talking about the 10th Ammendment… I know you’re shocked. However, I heard several people say that he would be the nominee if he had spoken like that while he was on the campaign trail. I quietly rolled my eyes and didn’t interject until someone said he was popular in Texas.

Cain was fantastic. I’ve officially placed him in the same bucket as Sarah Palin… He’s a great motivator and good for the movement, but shouldn’t be President. He also endorsed Joe the Plumber, who was in the audience during his speech.

Rand Paul is a true Constitutional Conservative and much less scary than his father. I hope he will be tapped for VPOTUS.

Oliver North gave a passionate speech about the difficulties that our troops face when they come home from war.

Kirk Cameron (aka Michael Seaver from Growing Pains) promoted his new documentary, Monumental, which follows him around Europe and America while he searches for what made America great. The preview looked good so you may want to check it out in theaters only on March 27th.

Have you ever wanted to see a Conservative Comedian? Check out Brad Stine. You may have seen him on Fox and Friends discussing the “wussification” of America.

Paul Ryan spoke at the Presidential Banquet. I don’t remember much of what he was saying… Mostly something about providing a clear choice in the Presidential election, but I was daydreaming about him becoming President.

Mike Huckabee started us off this morning. He focused on several social conservative issues, particularly abortion and received a number of standing ovations.

Bob McDonnell was one of my favorites so far. He spoke about how Conservative principles work in government and gave a number of examples about how he has reined in the budget and deficit in Virginia. He’s another one that has a very bight future.

Stay tuned for my comparison of Santorum, Romney and Gingrich’s speeches.