Tuesday Open Thread


Filed Under Open Thread on Feb 7 

For the first time in the 2012 cycle, today features multiple contests in the GOP presidential race. Voters get their say in Colorado, Missouri and Minnesota. Politico suggests it could be “Rick Santorum Day”. If polls hold form, Santorum could win two of three. Could the momentum carry him past Newt and into the sole roll as the ABR horse?

Meanwhile, Michelle Bachmann proves that it’s never too late to commit embarrassing gaffes. Yesterday she called herself “the perfect candidate” in an interview with Bloomberg TV. Was she so perfect that we simply weren’t ready for her?

Finally, on the issue of Super PAC’s, Obama reversed course yesterday so quickly he barely had time to flip before he could flop. He bashed them in the morning and asked them to prom in an evening conference call. At least he’s not blaming Bush or Congress this time.