Fresh from announcing plans to remove American troops from combat roles in Afghanistan to placate his liberal support base, Obama’s administration is ratcheting up the rhetoric against Iran. Is it because Israel plans to attack soon? An act of posturing and brinksmanship? Or because the President needs to get three in a row to win a surreal game of foreign intervention tic-tac-toe?

Well, according to Obama administration officials, it’s because the Iranians are not imprisoning alleged Al Qaeda militants well enough. Which, by their bizarre logic, means that they are in league with Al Qaeda. “Change we can believe in” has turned back into “You’re either with us or you’re with the terrorists.”

Has Obama pulled troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan so he can plunge the nation into a new war? Will he be able to resist foreign influence from Israel if they ask for American intervention? And, most importantly, doesn’t the allegation of a Mid-East nation maybe harboring terrorists and possibly wanting weapons of mass destruction sound terribly familiar? Sound off in the comments!