Nevadans will go to caucus today. Expect a big win by Mitt Romney and perhaps a second place finish by Ron Paul. Newt Gingrich has virtually no infrastructure in the state, only recently opening a campaign office and Rick Santorum seems to be caught in limbo.  As far as data is concerned, there have been only two polls taken over the past two months (which is why we could not create a Nevada PD Composite), including one released yesterday by Public Policy Polling that has Romney at 50%, Gingrich at 25%, Paul at 15%, and Santorum at 8%.

The CBS affiliate in Las Vegas ran a story on artist John McNaughton’s 2010 painting seen to the left, “The Forgotten Man“, which is now making the rounds nationally, including this video with over 3 million videos created by Seth Adam Smith. What do you think of symbolism in his work?