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Since Newt Gingrich’s most recent peak in national popularity, driven by his big South Carolina win, he has been on a slow decline in the polls. At the same time, Mitt Romney has seen a slow increase in this numbers, giving him the benefit of momentum. Expect Romney to receive a significant bump in his national poll numbers after his decisive victory in Florida. What isn’t known is if the expected increase for Romney will come only from Gingrich supporters or also from Rick Santorum’s followers. However, it is rather unlikely many, if any, Ron Paul supporters will defect to another candidate unless Paul drops out entirely due to their utmost loyalty to the good doctor.

At some point the donors who are funding the under performing campaigns, especially that of Santorum, will determine there is no ROI, that they are throwing their money away. Since Santorum does not seem inclined to leave the race anytime soon, it appears that eventually having no budget will force him out. The same will may well apply to Gingrich, despite his insistence of going all the way to the convention, though it will be a longer horizon for his money to dry up.