To start off with, I’m by no means a Republican. I was in the streets with a sign during the Bush years so much that I really did start to think that pepper spray was an every day food product. I spoke out against every policy Bush put forth until he announced his going back to Texas policy of 2009. That’s why, after the let down of the Obama candidacy and the continued economic collapse, I was surprised to find myself gravitating towards Ron Paul.

One thing anyone can respect about Ron Paul regardless of where they are on Rossiter’s spectrum is his stubborn devotion to integrity and consistency. An example: Ron Paul is against both gay marriage and abortion. No surprise there, these are among the pet issues of the American right. But Paul’s treatment of the issue is different. When he says abortion or gay marriage should be left up to the states, it’s not because he wants to dodge the question, it’s because he really believes that, and has voted as such before.

He’s also very consistent on the national debt. While I disagree with his efforts to end National Parks and many social services, I can understand where he’s coming from in a Constitutional sense. And yet, I think that his common sense approach to foreign policy is the one that America needs to get us out of the debt crisis. It is incredible that all 3 other Republican candidates, and Obama for that matter, can mention the words “balanced budget” and yet still claim that we should consider a war against Iran based on the supposition that they might be thinking about wanting to have, nuclear weapons, chemical weapons, or a stick with poo on it. And let me tell you, that’s a scary thought – with the advanced propulsion systems they don’t have, Iran could lob their entire stockpile of zero nuclear warheads at parts of the United States that aren’t there.

If this scenario sounds familiar, it’s because it happened ten years ago just slightly to the left. And, of course, ten years ago, Ron Paul was against that war too. Again with the consistency! Ron Paul’s main issue keeping him from the nomination is that the media makes a conscious effort to ignore him. There is the fallacious idea that he is only supported by college kids in favor of his legalization policies – which are completely reasonable and compatible with a balanced budget – but who cares who his support base is? No electoral constituency deserves to be disenfranchised. Would the media ignore a Presidential candidate and then attempt to justify it by claiming that their support base consisted of blacks or Latinos? Of course not!

I have to stop short of an endorsement here though. Ron Paul may espouse the very best of conservative ideology, but a lot of the extreme libertarian views he espouses are anathema to me. And, while I’d love to have enough cash to pay him to change those views for me, I don’t think he’d take it. And that just makes me that much more grateful to have a man like Ron Paul in Washington.