The Associated Press ‘fact checks‘ last night’s State of the Union address, beginning its article with: “It was a wish list, not a to-do list”.

Recent data shows that ‘America hates Newt Gingrich’. This is not the profile of an electable candidate.

Jake Tapper discusses how the Republican race could very well continue until June. The debate is whether the candidates brutally beating each other for several months will lead to a stronger candidate or simply write the script for President Obama’s campaign team.

CNN’s Roland Martin says: ‘So long to the party of family values‘. The sentiment is correct. Not long after South Carolina threw Mark Sanford to the curb, it picks Newt Gingrich in a landslide when it had three other options without the same type of ‘values’ baggage.

On the other hand, FOX News’ Dr. Keith Ablow writes that Gingrich’s three marriages could make him a stronger President.

CNS News reports that: ‘Under Obama, [the] price of gas has jumped 83%, ground beef 24%, and bacon 22%‘. My family and I have really felt these increases. I have detailed spreadsheets with all of our expenditures over the past several years. Our overall food and fuel spending and, necessarily the budgets for each, have skyrocketed. Most Americans are feeling this pain to some degree.

Nancy Pelosi, in an interview with John King, says Gingrich Will ‘Never’ Be President, ‘There Is Something I Know’. It is unbelievable that the former Speaker of the House is practically blackmailing Gingrich. Pelosi is taking an entirely unethical stance on the issue of inside knowledge of Gingrich’s ethics. However, this might just backfire on her and serve to fire up the Republican base when (or if) the supposed information is released.