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Thus far, debates are the biggest story of this primary cycle. They turned Rick Perry from a front runner to a bumbling fool and lifted Newt from has-been to front runner. An interesting exercise in physics would be comparing the size of Newt's head from the first debate to the most recent. If he wins the nomination, he should give John King any job in the administration he wants.


Not releasing his tax returns before South Carolina - or simply having a better answer to the question - may have been the biggest blunder since Gerry Ford declared "There is no Soviet domination in Eastern Europe, and there will never be under a Ford administration.” Everyone outside of the Gingrich family still believe that Romney remains better positioned for a long 50-state campaign, but the inevitability label is shredded.


Leading up to South Carolina, Santorum was the Tim Tebow of the GOP race. He exceeded expectations in his first contest, got evangelicals excited about his chances, and was promptly crushed by a pretty boy from New England. He did beat Ron Paul in South Carolina and leads him in Florida, but Paul undoubtedly has a better plan and structure to win delegates moving forward. If he believes the nominee should be an ABR, is it time to step aside and endorse Newt?


His campaign to win the nomination is effectively over. Moving on, his objective is pile up delegates and to promote his agenda at the GOP convention. Paul has been completely shortchanged in debate speaking time, though even he admitted his speaking style for said debates isn't exactly flattering. Some think he's a Kingmaker, but many Paul supporters say it's the good doctor or nothing.