Newt Gingrich’s win in South Carolina on Saturday opens up a race that might have been over had Mitt Romney won. Florida is now a pivotal state. A Gingrich victory keeps him in the race. However, a Romney win could potentially lead to insurmountable momentum as the following contests are in Nevada and Maine where Romney is unlikely to be defeated. Three wins in a row would have the former governor surging in national polls. Meanwhile, despite not having any money relative to the other candidates, Rick Santorum stays in the race. Santorum certainly understands he has no chance at the nomination and that by remaining in the race he is taking votes from Gingrich. It makes one question what his motives are.

Iowa couldn’t figure out who won its caucus, now South Carolina has found out that more than 950 ballots cast in its primary were cast by persons known to be dead. Unfortunately, this does not surprise me. When my wife was voting at our local polling station, the person in front of her approached the election official to sign in. This person was not on the list of registered voters at our polling place. The official asked him if he had recently changed his address but not changed his voter registration. The man said he thought he had changed his registration, but was not sure. The official looked over the man’s driver license, comparing the photo to the man and and said “we can see that he is who he says he is”, then let him vote.

Finally, Politico says to expect tomorrow’s state of the union address, which is anticipated to have around 50 million viewers, to be all political rhetoric. Expect it to be the speech that unofficially launches President Obama’s full-time reelection campaign.