The South Carolina primary is today. Who holds an election on Saturday? After I vote, I’m going to think all day that today is Tuesday.

Expect a solid Gingrich win today. Five points or more would not be surprising. He has successfully convinced many people that he is the most viable Anyone But Romney candidate. The poll numbers seem to show the undecided voters and some Rick Santorum voters have moved to Gingrich. Mitt Romney’s numbers have been relatively consistent.

The media will call this a huge loss for Romney, which is ridiculous. Romney only momentarily led in South Carolina polls between January 4-18. Prior to early January, no political analyst would have even suggested that Romney had a chance of winning this evangelical dominated state.

Ron Paul will score another solid third, likely near the 15% he has been polling at and the “revolution” will continue on to Florida.

Don’t be shocked to see Rick Santorum drop as far as into single digits. His numbers have weakened considerably over the past two weeks, especially as some of his voters have switched to Gingrich. A distant fourth place finish would likely lead “the sweater vest” to drop out before Florida where he cannot afford to advertise.