President Obama and the State Department have just issued their rejection of the Keystone pipeline that would go from Texas to Canada. The pipeline was expected to create 20,000 jobs on it’s construction and reign in on America’s dependence on foreign oil. This will put Obama on the defense very quickly. You can be sure that this will be brought up in the debate tomorrow for the GOP presidential candidates to frame the president as a job killer.

You can read more about the pipeline here.

The Obama administration is blaming the GOP for not giving the State Department enough time to evaluate the pipeline proposal. Let’s not forget, however, that it was the Obama administration along with Senate Democrats that pushed for a short 60 days extension of payroll tax cuts and decision on the pipeline instead of a full year long extension that the House GOP wanted. Also, it should be noted that Obama is complaining about not having enough time when he delayed a decision on this very same pipeline over a year ago. Times up and the GOP is blasting Obama over his decision.