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On the strength of the latest Rasmussen poll, Ron Paul has made the most significant move in the updated South Carolina Composite Poll. Paul’s 3.6 point rise came largely at the expense of Rick Santorum, whose poll numbers are plummeting.

After a high showing of 24 percent in a January 5 Rasmussen poll, Santorum has polled at 19, 14, and 16 percent in PPP (1/7), Insider Advantage (1/11), and Rasmussen (1/12) polls, with the latter two polls completed over the past two days.

It is clear that Santorum has lost his momentum from Iowa. However, from the volatility in the polling data, it seems that South Carolina voters cannot decide upon a candidate, especially since the three leaders, Romney, Santorum, and Gingrich, do not practice an evangelical tradition. The highest polling evangelical is Baptist Ron Paul.

This has led to a two day meeting on a Texas ranch of over 150 evangelical leaders, with the “possibility of coalescing around one Republican candidate” likely not named Mitt Romney. It will be interesting in the days ahead to see if this diversity of religious leaders can agree to publicly thrown their collective support behind one candidate and vault that candidate to victories in South Carolina and Florida. That may be the only possibility that will stop Romney’s march to the nomination at this point in the horse race.