Since losing his sizable lead in the polls, it has been no secret that Newt Gingrich has been enraged by Mitt Romney and his Super PAC, Restore Our Future, which aired multiple negative ads about Gingrich in Iowa. Newt has waged all out war on only one candidate, and that is Romney. You can tell by the tone of his voice, when he talks about Mitt Romney, it’s personal. Long gone is the positive Newt who focused on his “ideas oriented campaign.” Gingrich doesn’t  seemingly have a path to the nomination but that doesn’t matter to him anymore; he only has one goal: revenge.

He may have found some help.

This article is certainly worth a read about Sheldon Adelson, the man who has donated 5 million to Gingrich’s Super PAC and may donate up to $20 million, before it is all said and done.

It’s very disappointing that Newt Gingrich spent weeks complaining about Romney’s Super PAC instead of focusing on his message. After losing badly in Iowa, he is doing the very same thing he complained about. Now Newt is the one with the millionaire friends airing negative ads. These ads are brutal and unfair. In every primary there is a line of negativity that the candidates can’t cross so that they do not hurt their party’s chance in the general election; Newt has crossed that line. He has lost all discipline with his campaign. I’m just wondering why a so called “Reagan conservative” is sounding more and more like Occupy Wall Street with attacks like this one below.

Newt Gingrich slams Mitt Romney over Bain Business.