There are an unprecedented two debates in New Hampshire in the next 24 hours. We will have debate open threads here on for both the 9:00pm Saturday ABC News/Yahoo!/WMUR debate and the 9:00am Sunday NBC/Facebook debate. This may be the candidates best opportunity to reduce Mitt Romney’s overwhelming lead in New Hampshire.

Meanwhile, another day, another article on Bad Newt. This time Politico weighs in on Newt’s pithy, angry post-Iowa speech, quoting a Republican strategist who said:

He was ‘the ideas guy’ until three weeks ago, when he became a process guy. Now all he talks about is process, polling, negative ads, gross ratings points. He has no campaign. He has a moving think tank. The psychology that’s going on is, he thought he was going to win. And he’s devastated with what happened to him and he can’t quite comprehend it. He’s just fuming inside. He can’t believe it happened to him.”

Finally, the Washington D.C. health department shut down the Occupy DC outdoor kitchen due to rats as “there were definite signs of rodents thriving among the food and trash”.