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Four years ago, Mitt Romney spent millions, hired 50 staffers and bought a bucket of hair gel. This earned him 25% of the vote in the Iowa Caucus, finishing second. This year, Romney spent less money, had a vastly reduced staff, and ditched the hair gel, which got him 25% of the vote and the victor’s crown. Here’s a man who knows how to cut the excess and come out on top! Romney did well because he beat expectations, the polar opposite of what happened there in 2008.


Who says hard work doesn’t pay off? By raising barns, going to the general store, picking corn (pay attention Huntsman), and walking barefoot across every dirt road in sight, Rick Santorum came within eight votes of a stunning victory in Iowa. It is safe to say that when the last round of Anybody But Romney Musical Chairs ended, Ricky slid right into the last chair with Ron Paul landing on his lap a half second behind. Moving Santorum into the second position was a difficult decision, based largely on Iowa. But for at least one week, he’s Romney’s top challenger.


So close, yet so far for Ron Paul. He did break 20%, but the vaunted get out the vote operation blew a tire in the home stretch, dropping from a lead in the polls just days before the caucus to a mildly disappointing third place. He slips to third in the Power Rankings, and if he can’t find a way to finish a respectable second to the Romney juggernaut in New Hampshire, well, let’s just say it’s Live Free or Die for Dr. Paul.


If Newt becomes this angry from being picked on a little by Romney, what will he do when the entire left is focused against him? He can’t out-debate public opinion. Besides, Obama would never be stupid enough to agree to a Lincoln-Douglas style debate with him, so you can throw that argument out. But the harm Gingrich did to his campaign went beyond dropping to fourth, because the whiny, angry speech he gave Tuesday night made him look petty and spiteful.


We all thought Perry was done after a fifth place finish in Iowa a trip home to Texas to “reassess” his campaign. But like a boxer picking himself off the mat at a nine count, Perry tweeted that he was pushing on to South Carolina, where he believes he can appeal to the heavy population of southern evangelicals. By staying in the race, Perry is doing one person a favor: Mitt Romney. Turning to South Carolina, Perry may siphon off just enough Christian conservative voters and both of Scott’s friends to let Mitt take the Palmetto State.


What can you say when you’re still behind a guy 99 percent of Americans thought was dropping out Tuesday night? He is banking on a Santorum-like surge in New Hampshire to buoy his months-long last place standing. But realistically for Huntsman, it may be as simple as this: Iowa picks corn. New Hampshire ends his campaign.


  • http://twitter.com/#!/PD_Scott Scott A. Robinson, Editor

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  • Red State Eddie

    So how do we get one of these funky avatar doo-dads? Not seeing any options on my window.

  • Red State Eddie

    Romney – Looking inevitable; so can someone wake him up and get his campaign jazzed – or better yet, get the rest of us jazzed?

    Santorum – Paddling with the strength of 12 grinches (sorry, tough to let go of the Christmas references), but may not make it to the end.

    Gingrich – Just an angry South Pole elf – with an AK-47 and grenades galore.

    Perry – The punch drunk over-age fighter who should have hung up his gloves about 6 rounds and 5 shots to the head ago.

    Huntsman – Well, he looks like he representing the 1%e-ers alright.

  • Troy La Mana

    There is a question if Romney actually won in Iowa but we won’t know for weeks if that is true. By then it will be a moot point.

    • fitzwdarcey

      a 20 vote difference would mean Santorum won by 11 or 12, so the story is still pretty much the same either way. Romney didn’t expect to do well and did. Santorum is already viewed as basically coming out of Iowa a big winner, and that won’t change either. One could almost call it a tie.

      • Troy La Mana

        That is why Santorum isn’t sending in the lawyers. He knows he won and being gracious about a few miscounted votes in Iowa garners New Hampshire votes.

  • Whodat

    Stop the presses! Stop the Presses! The quintessential liberal rag, The Boston Globe, has endorsed Huntsman today. Well, that is sure to turn things around, isn’t it? This might be one of those rare occasions when rats actually swam TOWARDS a sinking ship!
    Has anyone yet explored Romneycare’s involvement in the infamous Boston “BIG DIG”? That is the billion-buck-boondoggle that went on for years beneath the streets of Boston, AT about double the cost of the original budget. This is the project where chunks of concrete NOW fall off the walls of the tunnels… Good thing the people of the Commonwealth have great healthcare!
    Sorry about posting today’s poem twice. I tried to delete it here when I realized that I posted it in the wrong place. I’m elderly, give me a break!

    • Brian H

      I believe the boobdoggle of the Big Dig precedes Romneycare’s time as Governor. But, there was that Massacre in Boston that we might be able to hang around Romnetcare’s neck.

  • T Baker

    So can Huntsman now claim is of the 99% (americans thinking he would drop out) instead of the 1%? Wait, he did only get 1%, and his wealth also puts him in the 1%… man it’s tough being Huntsman.