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Mitt Romney has a commanding lead in New Hampshire and will not be overtaken with only a week to go in the constitutionally mandated first primary in the nation. Ron Paul looks to be a solid second, but with only half the support, or less, than Romney enjoys.

The real battle in New Hampshire is for the relevance of the Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, and Rick Santorum campaigns. Gingrich is in a nose dive, which could bode well for Huntsman, as they are in a virtual tie in the Composite. It seems at this point, Gingrich is only in the race for his ego’s sake.

Rick Santorum has a near-impossible task. He went all-in in Iowa, much as Huntsman has in New Hampshire. Except Santorum does not have one of the world’s wealthiest men as a father as Huntsman does. Santorum has virtually no organization outside of Iowa and almost no money. Despite winning Iowa, moving forward, Santorum has to show potential donors he is worth their investment.

Huntsman on the other hand has gone all-in in New Hampshire, even openly mocking Iowa, and will at best finish third, very distant from Mitt Romney and behind Ron Paul. That is not much to show for focusing your entire campaign on one state, which is why many commentators wonder why Huntsman even bothers.