Speechless?  Yeah, I was too when I first read the headline on The Daily Caller.  Apparently Cain has completely lost his mind since “suspending” his presidential campaign due to allegations of sexual harassment and a 13-year extramarital affair.

This is the very same Herman Cain that did not know whether he was for or against Obama’s Libya policy and falsely claimed that the Taliban was playing a role in Libya’s new government.  This is also the same guy that insisted that leaders don’t need to know anything about world affairs, they just need to provide clarity and a competent staff.  In an interview with The Daily Caller, Cain had this to say about the expertise needed to be Secretary of Defense:

You don’t need to have defense expertise.  You don’t even need to have military expertise.  You need to have leadership expertise.  That’s what I would bring to that job.

I can buy that for the Presidency.  No one is going to be an expert in fiscal policy and be an expert in military strategy.  However, it’s absurd to think that if your sole job is to manage the Pentagon, you wouldn’t have any experience… at all.

As many PD’ers know, I was a Cain supporter very early on.  However, when it gets to the point where I have no rational explanation for my candidate more often than not, I have to cut my losses.  I was hoping that Cain could repair his image and coherently refute the allegations against him, but, unfortunately, it doesn’t look like time away has served him well.

I could fully support him as Secretary of Treasury.  His 9-9-9 Plan was a solid plan and I would love for him to be in a position where he could influence fiscal policy.  However, he’s giving me more and more reason to put write him off as either a kook or an arrogant wanna-be politician.