(PD hopes you had a merry and non-partisan Christmas! Now let’s get back to it.)

CNN has an exclusive up tonight about Newt’s first divorce, refuting his claim that it was Jackie who requested it.

It’s doubtful this will change anyone’s mind about the former speaker. Either the adultery and divorce bother you, or they don’t. His honesty about who wanted the divorce probably won’t rank high on your list of concerns.

But it does remind us that matters of personal integrity often have a way of shaping races. But should they?


  • Nota Mittdude

    CNN – Enough said. Looking for the best person to fix things in Washington. I think Newt is the best choice we have right now. Don’t need him to advise me on my marriage, I need him to turn DC upside down and inside out. He knows the system and is far more conservative than Northern Liberal Mitt Romney who still won’t admit the healthcare system he put in place as Gov Romney was a mistake. Newt admits his support of parts of that system was a mistake. One appears more honest and able to learn from mistakes and the other is either dishonest or too stupid to learn from mistakes.

  • Promise Kept

    Vows of marriage and oaths of office are THE two greatest indicators of a person’s true character.
    Have you ever been at a wedding where you know that the expense of the ceremony meant more to the two involved, than all of the solemn words they offered towards God and each other, in the presence of witnesses?
    The further we go, as a nation, from honoring this foundational bond of greatest trust and highest loyalty to another person; the less we’ll safeguard ourselves from those who recklessly break their oaths of office, and do whatever they wish, simply because WE hold no one truly accountable for their words in either case.
    I would hope that Newt has found a way to reconcile himself with God and his past, but from what I’ve heard from him so far, his hand on the Bible at any future oath of office event shouldn’t cause any of us to expect much difference in his behavior after that, than what he has always done.
    Dedicating this song to all who know what promises are for.

  • Alaina

    Lots of great leaders in history have been adultery. It doesn’t necessarily impact one’s ability to lead, unless it becomes a focal point a la Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.
    That said, perception is reality and most of us don’t look too favorably upon those who cheat on their spouse as that leads us to believe said leader is untrustworthy.

    • Whodat

      Agree, Alaina. I think most if not nearly all people of the extremely high ego and energy that drives them to the top cannot simply turn it off and go home. Tiger Woods, for example, was commendably honest when he said, “I believed I was entitled…” You win the big prizes, you expect some nice surprises! At my level, chips, salsa and a cold adult beverage have to suffice…

    • http://meatwad The_Gallant_Gallstone

      So adultery is not an issue unless it is something we can use against people we don’t like?

      I’m appreciating the moral flexibility of the New Right.

      • Alaina

        Who said it was moral under any circumstance?

      • Red State Eddie

        As opposed to the amoral flexibility of the left??

  • Whodat

    Personal integrity should matter and it does to me. However, at this time, the current occupant of the White House is so repugnant to me, that his replacement is my main issue – AND Newt’s sins pale by comparison. Compared to socialist ghetto-guy Obomb, Newt is of higher moral character in my book. Now, against Romneycare, the self-proclaimed but seldom believed “conservative” from Massachusetts, its a much closer call, a coin toss, a roll of the dice, a shot in the dark. I still lean more toward somebody who irritates liberals than one who played footsy with them in Massachusetts. If just one Mass liberal would come out swearing what an awful person Romneycare is, I would feel much better about him and might trust him a little. But, it seems the Mass liberals liked him, that indicates that he was unfaithful to the conservatives and Republicans who voted for him; and that taints him more to me than Newt’s adultery.

    • Brian H

      Nothing irritates liberals more than losing power. Vote Romneycare of you want to see that happen. Newt cannot beat the “Socialist” Obama.
      If just one “conservative” who worked with Newt would come out swearing what a great person and leader Newty is, I would feel much better about him and might trust him a little.

  • Joyce A (East of Eden)

    Yes, because personal integrity does matter. However, I acutally believe him when he says he’s made his ammends with the former wives and with God, so in the end, this part of his personal baggage does not bother me. There are other things about him that bother me, and when it comes down to it, there are more important issues facing the nation that Newt’s past bad deeds.

    • Brian H

      Exactly. It is the thought of Newt’s future bad deeds that concerns me. He is simply not Presidential in many more ways than his past infidelity to women who he made commitments to but disregarded. I can only hope he would take his oath of office more serious than the oath he made to the women he married. The fact that he claims she led the divorce effort yet the paperwork shows otherwise is a bit of a concern. I don’t care about his past relationships except for the fact he seems to be lying to me about them.