We are giving away two packages of goodies from Jason’s personal New York Times bestselling stash including a Christmas Jars collection.

To enter, leave your name, state, and the best gift you ever received for Christmas. There will be two winners, one chosen at random and a second for the most creative as determined by the editors and input from your comments.

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  • Katie W

    Was a winner ever picked???

  • http://georgia Nicole B

    One of my best friend past away this past May from pancreatic cancer. I have known here forever as long as I could remember and loved her so much. She loved squirrels, I mean crazy about them so her nickname was Squirrel…So I always called her Momma Squirrel. I had my son 2 years ago and she became his Grandma Squirrel. She didn’t have a daughter or grandkids so she always saw me as her own and my son as her grandson. Well, she bought my son Caleb a gift last year but he was too young for it yet and was going to give it to him this Christmas, but She was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer and passed away 3 months later in May. On Christmas Day, her husband brought Caleb a gift from a very special angel in heaven. This was the a very bittersweeet Christmas seeing my son opening a present that my best friend bought him a year ago on Christmas day. I will never forget Dec. 25, 2011 ever.

  • Roberta H. , Idaho

    The best gift I ever got for Christmas is my youngest daughter!!! She was a little early as she was born 6 days before Christmas. When we learned that we were going to have another child, they did a pap test. Unfortunately the test came back showing abnormal cells and I had to have a procedure called a cone biopsy. They also had to sew my up in hopes that I wouldn’t loose the baby. On Dec 19th we had a sweet baby girl by C-section. What a special Christmas present to hold our little angel and come home just a couple of days before Christmas!!! She is truly my angel because if I hadn’t had that test when I was pregnant with her, I could have had cancer and even died from it. She literally saved my life and I am SOOOOO VERY THANKFUL for her!!! She is truly my angel sent from heaven!!!

  • Red State Eddie

    Funniest gift my dad ever got us kids happened when he traveled to do some work in West Virginia in the fall. All of us kids woke up on Christmas morning with a big block of anthracite coal in our stockings, and him snapping pictures of our reactions. Don’t worry – we did get real gifts along with it.

  • http://VeroBeach,Florida Sheila Campbell

    Patty Brown…I cried reading your story. Thank you for sharing. The kindness of strangers amazes me.

    • Patty Brown

      Sheila~ My eyes, still after all of these years, tear up when I think of that Christmas. I never expected that much love and generosity, from complete strangers. That one day changed our lives…no matter how hard things ever seemed to get, we KNEW that we were never completely alone.

  • Edgar Perez

    Kelseyville, CA.

    A bag of peanut M&Ms.

  • Shawn

    Shawn A., Minnesota

    I was ten years old and really wanted a puppy. After all our gifts were opened my grandparents came in with one last package. It was a tiny fluffy white puppy with a big red bow around its neck. It was truly the best gift I ever got.

  • Kathie Marshall

    Kathie Marshall. I live in Arkansas. My favorite gift was a stuffed Gonga Gorilla when I was 10 years old. My sister and I had picked put the exact gongs we wanted. We hid them among other stuffed animals at the store in the mall and told my parents exactly where they were. We would check periodically and they were always still there. But for Christmas we each got the exact one we wanted. I’ve had many more expensive gifts since, but that one was my most memorable. My parents went above and beyond to get us the simple gifts we had our hearts set on.

  • Darcy C

    On Christmas morning 9 years ago I woke up to my engagement ring sitting on an ornament on our tree. My now husband got down on one knee and told me how I had changed his life and asked me to marry him. Definitely the best Christmas, ever. :)

  • Cassondra Hoover

    Cassondra Hoover, Texas. The best Christmas gift I ever got was when it snowed in Corpus Christi, TX, on Christmas Eve of 2004. My kids had never seen snow. It was so exciting for everyone to just forget everything else and enjoy some fun in the wintery wonderland.

  • Anthony Fauscett

    The Best Christmas gift ever was the look on my childrens face and now it is even better to see that look on my grand childrens faces.

  • Laren

    My best Christmas was being reunited with my wife and 5 children after working away from them for a large chunk of the year. I had taken a job in a new city and my family stayed behind while I went ahead. It was a necessity at the time. Oh, how overjoyed I was when we could finally all live together under the same roof once again. And that was my best Christmas present!

    • Laren

      Oh, I forgot to add that I am from Utah.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Rusty in Alvin,
    My best gift? It snowed 6 inches down here in Alvin Texas (gulf coast, near Galveston) on Christmas Eve night, we woke up to a mantle of White snow. My little girl 3 then, was so excited.

    Barack Obama, that’s been a great present too.

  • Patty Brown

    In 1992 I was a very young struggling mother with 4 children. I managed somehow to get a small Charlie Brown tree and one gift for each of the kids. Christmas was going to be humble and I was ok with that because we were blessed in so many other ways. What I didn’t know was that my children had each put a letter to Santa into the corner mailbox. A neighbor had submitted my families name to their church’s giving tree. And another neighbor submitted our family’s name to one of the student groups at the local high school. On Christmas eve a secret Santa who pulled my son’s letter at the post office dropped off a hug bag filled with gifts for the children, including toys and a coat for each child. Then a man from the church showed up with the biggest tree I have ever seen and bags and bags filled with groceries and gifts for the children. Our home was filled with the love and good will of strangers….we couldn’t have dreamed that big. But it didn’t end there…..next three handsome high school boys and their teacher showed up with a ham, some gifts for the children and a gift certificate to the grocery story. It was all to much to imagine. Finally at 9 PM after the children were in bed Santa showed up at our door with a huge bag filled with gifts for the children. I couldn’t do anything but cry. My children opened so many gifts on Christmas morning that our living room looked like a sea of a paper. The looks on their little faces is something I will NEVER forget. It was the BEST Christmas ever. My children are all grown now with babies of their own and still every year they remember that magical Christmas and all the love we were given.

    • Patty Brown

      I forgot to tell you that I am from the great state of Pennsylvania.

      • Red State Eddie

        Amen, sister. That’s how we love in PA. Tremendous story.

  • Whodat

    Who are these people? I see names here I never see. As a PD poster, let me say, “Welcome aboard and Merry Christmas!”
    Evidently, the best gift I ever got was a small record player when I was four or five. They say as soon as I got it, I left the tree celebration, took it to my room along with a few records, but played one, “Goodnight Irene” over and over for two days. It drove them all nuts. I had to be coaxed out for meals. Never had another gift like that.
    Merry Christmas, everybody. I enjoy the banter and friendships we share here at Political Derby!

  • Laurie Neal

    Bozeman, Montana

    The best gift I ever received was a 1972(?) BABY BLUE PINTO! I was 16 and it was actually the first surprise I’d had in years~~I was absolutly a pro at “peeking” I could sniff ‘em out, unwrap an rewrap… I truly had not had a suprise in years but I couldnt help myself. There are pics of me screaming~~it was the best~~remember it like it was yesterday!
    NOTE: I’m now a parent and I’m still a pro~~at hiding and setting bobby traps:)

  • charity thelen

    Best gift was two years ago when I got my gall bladder out. I’ve felt so much better since.

  • Jill Jones

    When I was 6 years old, we went to visit my mom in the hospital on Christmas Day. She had been diagnosed with breast cancer and had undergone a radical mastectomy. We were expecting to visit and then go home without her. Our gift was the news that she was being released from the hospital that day! BEST GIFT EVER for a 6 year old!!! That was 41 years ago and I still remember it like it was yesterday.

  • sarah

    Sarah, Kansas- The best Christmas gift I ever received was from my kids. A white ceramic Christmas tree that lights up. It has a special meaning because they bought it themselves after my husband and I was divorced. Also, the birth of my son. I call him my miracle baby.

  • QPC

    QPC, Atlanta, GA. Once my sister gave me a manila envelope. When I opened it there was a certificate for a “Trip to Italy”. There was something else in the envelope. I pulled it out. It was a smaller envelope with a Rick Steves’ Italy DVD.

  • Julie

    The best gift I have received is an afghan that my Mom made for me. I was a teenager then. Now that my mother is gone, it is even more special to me.

  • Katie W

    I would have to say the best gift would be the ones wrapped like Russian dolls(you know the box within a box). Who doesn’t love that anticipation!?

  • Jeannie Collier

    The best gift I ever received was being born on Christmas Day. I have always thought it was so neat to have the same birthday as Jesus!!! There have been moments in my life I really did ask myself what would Jesus want me to do? I have tried to be a very giving person with my heart throughout my life because I want him to be proud of the person that shares his birthday. Happy Birthday Jesus!!

  • http://VeroBeach,Florida Sheila Campbell

    Sheila Campbell Vero Beach, Florida Best Christmas Gift Gratitude lists from my children. My best Christmas gift was about 10 years ago. My oldest children were in their teens. We had a horribly rough year (both financially and emotionally). I had no money to give to my kids to buy a Christmas present for me. They (my 2 sons and a daughter) took it upon themselves to each write me a list of the thinks they were thankful for. Their gratitude lists. They gave it to me Christmas morning. After I was done crying, I thought to myself that this was the BEST Christmas I had ever had. I still have those letters and they are like gold to me. I dont think that present can ever be topped. Merry Christmas everyone. When times are rough, write your own gratitude lists and things really dont seem as bleak. My kids taught me that.

  • Julie Roman

    Best Christmas gift ever was in 1998 when our Lord and Savior offered me a ” New Life ” been celebrating ever since!

  • susan flo

    My best gift this day is to see the smiles on childrens faces as they see there gifts under the tree

  • http://www.coachsbbq.com Jim Sposato

    Best gift: a record recording of my dad during WWII. I was three years old

  • Steve Griffen

    My best gift was a few days after Christnas when my only son was born. And that same son gave me another January Christmas gift this year of my first grandson.

  • Pete Teeps

    This would be THE best Christmas, if I won something ever!

  • Eugenia Cassidy

    I received a coat from my new husband. It was the first new coat since I was in the 7th grade.

  • Greg Cecil

    Best Gift: Jesus

  • Lance Nichols, Ohio

    Best gift: a Red Rider BB gun with a compass in the stock and a thing that tells time.

  • Brent Wenerstrom

    Brent Wenerstrom, Kentucky
    Best Gift: a rock wrapped in duct tape!

    • http://MakeitDelightful.com Debbie

      When I was 16, my mother sent a big box with me to my boyfriend’s house 90 miles away. I couldn’t wait to open it, thinking it would be something really special. It was a phone bill taped to a brick! I opened this “gift” in front of my boyfriend’s family and was humiliated and extremely hurt and embarrassed. I have made it a life mission to be a kind and giving person to others from that day forward and to never cause anyone to feel the way I did that day, ever!