As you’re no doubt able to tell by the most recent PD Composite graph, Team Gingrich is sitting around the morning staff meeting, nibbling on bagels, sipping coffee, and wondering where that weightless feeling is coming from. That’s the sensation a campaign gets when their collective poll numbers take a swan dive less than two weeks before the Hawkeye Caucus.

In the interest of full disclosure, I’m a Romney guy and have been for years. But I digress.

Today Mr. Newt, having realized he’s in danger of finishing third in the Hawkeye state, analyzed his situation and made the following declaration to a small business meeting in Davenport:

What we should have done immediately after the first time this came up is we should have stopped, pooled together everything, and I should have had a much more coherent answer.

By “this”, Mr. Newt is referring to the wall-to-wall barrage of negative ads currently carpet bombing the multi-media market in Iowa. It’s as if Team Gingrich has been living under a rock for the past two weeks or so and is just realizing that – much to their shock and awe – not everybody is as entranced with Newt as is Newt himself.

Mr. Newt , by his own admission, has been in politics for quite some time. His public record is wide, deep, and vast and it doesn’t take a seasoned investigative reporter to mine through it and come up with readymade negative attack ads that don’t even need a narrator. I believe Mitt was being kind when he referred to Mr. Newt as “zany”. Frankly, anyone who wants to put mirrors in space to light the I-95 corridors at night should expect “zany” to be used as a compliment.

As a politician, Mr. Newt suffers from a malady for which there is no cure but carefully honed self-discipline: he likes to hear himself speak and he has no internal censor to keep him from saying whatever crosses his mind at the time. Add to that the legion of steamer trunks filled with unsightly baggage acquired from three decades of life in the public eye and you have a candidate that just might accomplish what right now seems to be impossible – the re-election of Barack Obama.

Maybe you think I’m just a Romney shill bashing Mr. Newt in return for a fat wad of cash. Sadly, this is not the case. Having said that, let me be open and honest in regards to my impartial nature: Memo to Mitt – I can be bought. Enough said.

Fair enough. Don’t take my word for it. Try Mark Steyn.

If Mr. Newt gets this testy about the slings, arrows, and sledgehammers being flung at him by fellow republicans, how do you think he’ll react from the billion dollar, media enabled amplified Chicago style re-election campaign of Team Obama? Politics, especially presidential politics, is a high speed, high impact contact sport where there are very few rules.

You’d think a historian and a self proclaimed “Advocate of civilization, definer of civilization, and teacher of the rules of civilization” would have figured that out long before now.