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Recent polling has significantly altered the outlook of the Republican race once again. Newt Gingrich’s numbers have suffered as attention has been focused directly on him. Positioned briefly as the most recent leader and ABR as Herman Cain and Rick Perry before him, voters have became less comfortable with Gingrich as more of his positions and history has been exposed. Perhaps more interesting is how quickly his fall has been.

However, still sitting as the lead horse, Gingrich remains in a strong position to win, but Mitt Romney’s chances are now faring better than ever. Romney has been the most noticeable benefactor of the Gingrich slide as he has finally breached the 30 percent barrier in the PD Composite. This signals that voters that may have been hesitant to support him–he has consistently hovered around 25 percent–are starting to move his way.

Today, this is a neck-and-neck two horse race. Expect it to remain this way until voting begin January 3rd because actual voting always changes race dynamics.