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As a reminder, the PD Composite is a data-driven tool that measures voter sentiment on a daily basis. It does not have a separate category for “undecided” voters. Rather, the formula driving the PD Composite distributes those voters appropriately, as those voters may be likely to vote, knowing that people generally have a follow the leader mentality.

Newt Gingrich seems to be leveling out as his poll numbers have dropped slightly over the past week. This could be an indication of the impact of the spotlight placed on the race leaders. Meanwhile, Mitt Romney is back to his comfortable 25 percent.

Ron Paul is clearly in third, but at a substantial distance from Romney. Perry has stabilized at around 8 percent while Michelle Bachmann has experienced a mini-surge over the past week, nearly matching Perry. If Bachmann does indeed overtake Perry, will he stay in the race? Santorum and Huntsman have seen minor gains of late, but both still sit below five percent and are non-factors.