Newt Gingrich is the nominee. Or at least he is now declaring as much. Government lawyers now see no problem taking out American citizens without due process, as was Anwar al-Awlaki, saying “U.S. citizens do not have immunity when they are at war with the United States”. However, I am curious as to how the lawyers define “at war”. What are your thoughts on Chinese currency manipulation? William Jacobson says: “If Romney doesn’t confront Newt face-to-face, he’s Tim Pawlenty” and headed for the same result. Finally, some good news. The unemployment rate has fallen to the lowest level in two and a half years, but it is still 8.6 percent.

Edit: The unemployment rate has indeed dropped. However, looking further into the numbers you can see why. 120,000 jobs were indeed added in November, with more than half of those jobs from retailers and temp agencies. At the same time, 315,000 people left the workforce, reducing the total number of workers by 0.2 percent. In other words, the unemployment rate decreased due to more people giving up on finding work